kites, chicks and gardening

Exploring wind and flying our homemade wind socks!

A visit with the chicks!

Planting morning glory's...

Exploring in the garden sensory table...

Learning Fun

Today we meet with Mrs. Young for our weekly reading comprehension learning and had so much fun! We are making connections to books and know that books make us wonder things! Today, we paired up with Mrs. Kaufman's class again to read books. Every time we saw or read something that made us wonder, we put a sticky note on the you can imagine there were sticky notes everywhere!

Ask your child:
~The letters and sounds for the digraphs we are learning (ch, th, sh, wh and ck)
~How to make a light bulb light up using a balloon and a wool sock
~How we made thunder
~ About the difference between addition and subtraction
~To tell you how to know if a number is a teen number (you may be surprised!)
~About the water cycle
~The words we use when we have a wonder about something
~About Mrs. Margolis' singing dilemma


Thank you so much for coming to see the kindergarten concert! We hope you enjoyed it! There is something magical about hearing 87 kindergartners singing together.

As you may have heard, we have been conducting fun weather-related experiments! Since spring has arrived (or has it?), we made a natural transition in our science focus from what NH animals are doing in winter to what they are doing now and how the weather changes. 

As the weather changes and migrating and hibernating animals join us once again, it is the perfect time to answer some big weather related questions. Why is the weather important? How do we dress for the types of weather? Why is the sun important? Does weather have patterns? What about extreme weather?

Right now we have focused on rain. We conducted an experiment where we replicated the process of rain using shaving cream, water and food coloring. We realized that a rain cloud becomes so full of water then it rains! 


In order to do this experiment we used some scientific words such as: materials, hypothesis, observation, water cycle and meteorologist. Here are some of the things scientists do...

1. Gather all the materials we need
2. Follow the how-to directions (nice tie in to our writing of how-to books!)
3. Adjust/change the directions as we learn more while actually doing the experiment
4. Make connections and share their observations
5. Are amazed!

Welcome back!

It has been so fun hearing about all of your vacation excitement whether at home or away!

I really think our classmates grew over the week. How can they be getting so grown up?

Today we had our first all kindergarten morning meeting in the cafeteria and we rocked it. AS you know, we have a morning meeting each day that includes a fun greeting, a share, an activity and a message about our day. Today the whole kindergarten met and had a morning meeting together and it was so much fun!

Our class also met my (shhh...pretend) twin sister who happens to be a reading superhero. She came in our room for a visit while I was out of the room complete with a cape and superhero mask. She said I was so proud of how well our class is reading and she had to come see us. She reminded us of our reading strategies (some came home last week) and said if Mrs. Margolis caught us using them all the time when we are reading she would come back for another visit.

There were lots of questions and laughter as I (errr...her) brought out some acting skills and fun! Ask your child all about it~

Here we are doing some number writing practice today...

100 days smarter!

Today we celebrated the 100th day of kindergarten! The 100 day projects kindergartners made at home are displayed proudly in our hall. I am impressed with the amount of creativity our classmates put into their projects! Nice work!

Today we made 100 day crowns, played a race to 100 game, imagined what we would do with $100 and turned the numerals 100 into something new using our amazing imaginations. We also counted to see how many times we could jump and do belly breaths in 100 seconds. We made a self-portrait of what we think we will look like when we are 100. We also wrote about what we'd like to eat, where we'd live and what we might like to do when we are 100. 

Here are a few quotes from our class...

If I had $100 I would...
~buy a new dress
~build a house that is just like an aquarium
~buy 5 cats
~buy a snowmobile

When I am 100 I will eat...
~mac 'n cheese (but definitely not edamame)

When I am 100 I will live...
~in California
~in Florida
~in Bow, NH

When I am 100 I will spend time...
~sitting down
~watching tv
~with my family
~making campfires & s'mores
~playing with my brother and sister
~snuggling cats


On those super cold or icy days I have been bringing our class down to the gym to have fun, get some exercise, work as a team, learn new games, laugh, play, explore, have a brain break, strengthen our relationships and cooperation, work on gross motor skills and so much more!