Welcome back!

It has been so fun hearing about all of your vacation excitement whether at home or away!

I really think our classmates grew over the week. How can they be getting so grown up?

Today we had our first all kindergarten morning meeting in the cafeteria and we rocked it. AS you know, we have a morning meeting each day that includes a fun greeting, a share, an activity and a message about our day. Today the whole kindergarten met and had a morning meeting together and it was so much fun!

Our class also met my (shhh...pretend) twin sister who happens to be a reading superhero. She came in our room for a visit while I was out of the room complete with a cape and superhero mask. She said I was so proud of how well our class is reading and she had to come see us. She reminded us of our reading strategies (some came home last week) and said if Mrs. Margolis caught us using them all the time when we are reading she would come back for another visit.

There were lots of questions and laughter as I (errr...her) brought out some acting skills and fun! Ask your child all about it~

Here we are doing some number writing practice today...

100 days smarter!

Today we celebrated the 100th day of kindergarten! The 100 day projects kindergartners made at home are displayed proudly in our hall. I am impressed with the amount of creativity our classmates put into their projects! Nice work!

Today we made 100 day crowns, played a race to 100 game, imagined what we would do with $100 and turned the numerals 100 into something new using our amazing imaginations. We also counted to see how many times we could jump and do belly breaths in 100 seconds. We made a self-portrait of what we think we will look like when we are 100. We also wrote about what we'd like to eat, where we'd live and what we might like to do when we are 100. 

Here are a few quotes from our class...

If I had $100 I would...
~buy a new dress
~build a house that is just like an aquarium
~buy 5 cats
~buy a snowmobile

When I am 100 I will eat...
~mac 'n cheese (but definitely not edamame)

When I am 100 I will live...
~in California
~in Florida
~in Bow, NH

When I am 100 I will spend time...
~sitting down
~watching tv
~with my family
~making campfires & s'mores
~playing with my brother and sister
~snuggling cats


On those super cold or icy days I have been bringing our class down to the gym to have fun, get some exercise, work as a team, learn new games, laugh, play, explore, have a brain break, strengthen our relationships and cooperation, work on gross motor skills and so much more!

Back in the swing of kindergarten!

It is so nice to be back in kindergarten after vacation! Between over a week off and a funny week last week weather-wise, we took some time to get back into the swing of school. We practiced our routines and got caught up on our vacation happenings.

Here is what we are up to...

We are done officially introducing letters and sounds A-Z. Of course, we will continue to practice them and we are also learning how to "tap out" consonant, vowel, consonant (CVC) words such as fin, fun, set, sat and got. 

We plan to go outside everyday unless it is too cold, rainy or unsafe (icy). Please make sure to pack or send in extra clothes (I can keep some in our room for your child) since children may get wet at recess.

Indoor recess fort making: Totally child led fort planning, engineering, building and teamwork! We ended up with three forts with three different purposes; one for for LEGO building, one for veterinarians to help our stuffed animals and one calm/relaxing fort. These kids rock! How am I so lucky?

We are learning about hibernation, migration and animal adaptations! I want to make a bear den with our class as I have in past years. If you happen to have a large (big enough to fit a couple kindergartners in) cardboard box you don't need, we would love to turn it into a cozy reading den.

We are learning all about 3D solid shapes and have a solid figure collection of things we have found in our school. If you and your child  to find some 3D shapes (cones, cubes, spheres or cylinders) at home or while you are out and about we would love to add them to our collection.

Next week, we will be taking the math iReady test on the chrome books! We have been practicing how to use the chrome books. Please see the email from Mr. Gergler about iReady and let me know if you have any questions. This will be the first time kindergartners do this game-based assessment. Students in other grades tried it for the first time this fall. 

In kindergarten, we celebrate the 100th day of school. As of today, it will be on February 8th. Naturally, if we have more snow days it will be pushed back. On this day, we do activities and games focusing on the number 100. Prior to February 8th, kindergartners are welcome to complete a project at home to share at school. More information will come home about this in the next couple of weeks.

Ask your child:
~How to tap out a word
~About the bear project they made and hung up in our room
~Their New Year's Goals & hopes
~To tell you what a "face" on a shape means
~What kinds of bear live in NH
~What migrate means
~Why Mrs. Margolis does so much dancing!
~How to "robot talk" CVC words

Happy vacation!

Our annual gingerbread hunt was a success! Thank you for all of your help and donations. It was fun to be able to celebrate with so many of you. I hope you have a fun and safe vacation!

This week we also did some engineering as we made bridges with marshmallows and tooth picks. WE were trying to see if we could designed and engineer a different way for the gingerbread to get across that river. It was definitely a lesson in perseverance!

Gingerbread, shapes, letters, snow and fun!

We have learned all the uppercase and lowercase letters and sounds except for (q and z-next week)! This week we are practicing the letters y-yellow /y/ and x-fox /x/. Students are making letter craft projects, finding them everywhere and practicing writing them too! We continue to practice comprehension strategies including listening for the who, what, and where in stories.

Password pattern candy canes...

Gingerbread password memory (spatulas included!)

We are practicing 5 star illustrations making sure to add lots of detail to our writing! We are called the "Best writers in the big giant world" and seem to be living up to it!

We have read quite a few versions of the Gingerbread Man. Thank you to those who have come in to read to us. We are also doing lots of gingerbread themed learning activities in all academic areas.
Gingerbread Cowboy

We were wondering why the Gingerbread never wanted to go into the river and so we HAD to try it out! We did an experiment to see what would happen if he did fall into the river.

First we predicted what might happen: it may sink, float, break or swim! Then we tested the gingerbread man by placing a gingerbread cookie in a “river” (bowl of water). Next, we observed what would happen to gingerbread in water. Last, we drew about what happened. I don't want to spoil the surprise so ask your child all about it!

We have also been practicing learning the names and attributes of 2D flat shapes (circle, triangle, square, rectangle and hexagon). We used wikki sticks, geo-boards, clay, construction paper and our bodies to make shapes!

We continue to play ST math and participate in counting games and songs, calendar activities and patterning as well.
Painted pattern peppermints...

With snow comes lots of gear and clothing adventures! Thank you to all who labeled your child's snow gear as it is SO very helpful as we learn to navigate how to organize ourselves and our gear!