adventures in kindergarten

We had visits from two more community helpers!

Alex's Mom came in to talk about her job as a Pediatrician! She shared her knowledge and some of her tools with all of us!

Andre's Dad came to visit our room and talk about how his job as a Chiropractor helps people in our community too! He brought in a model of a spine and also models of bones in our neck and back!


Thank you both!

You may have heard that we have a new student in our class! I am so impressed at how welcoming, kind and helpful our team has been during this exciting transition! I know the generosity and love from students in our room and those of our new friend has helped all of us learn about each other.

We were fortunate to have Mrs. Kurtz visit us once again and read a book called Elwood Bigfoot.   Elwood really loves birds and tries to make friends with them but learned through trial and error some more effective ways to make friends! Next, we were tasked with creating an Elwood. Each group had one piece of him and we had to do teamwork to make him complete. The end result is great but I think it may have to do with how awesome our team is :)


We are learning about 2D flat shapes! We read The Shape of Things and went on shape hunts. We also used shapes to make our own town and a pizza (for the letter p too)!

We celebrated P & J with style in our cozy pj's. We also popped popcorn and used our 5 senses to learn all about it!

Ask your child:
~How many bones are in our neck? How many bones are in a giraffe's neck?
~How do Doctors help people?
~To find and name shapes at home (2D flat shapes-circle, triangle, square, rectangle, hexagon)
~To count to 100
~About their shape city creation
~To write their name with an uppercase letter only for their first letter
~What sound p and j make

Community Helpers!

We had a week that was shorter than planned but still full of fun, laughter and learning!

We visited the beautiful, new Bow Safety Complex and were amazed!

Here a few highlights to help you get started on some great safety conversations at home:
~Why do we need community helpers?
~Can we help our community? How?
~Why did we see beds in the safety complex?
~Why is there a kitchen?
~What kinds of vehicles do they have?
~What do you do if you smell smoke or see flames in a building?
~Why do we stop, drop and roll?
~What is the emergency number?
~Is your brother/sister/friend not sharing a toy an emergency? What is an emergency?
~What tools do firefighters and police officers use?
~Do they have to go to school, practice and learn how to use those tools?
~Who did Captain Tom sound like when he put on all his gear and air tank?

s for spiders!

We are learning about the letters s and d this week. We read a nonfiction book about spiders with Mrs. Young and all of Mrs. Kaufman's friends. We listened for the "who" in the story and realized characters (who) are not always a human! We learned so many things about spiders.

Ask your child:
How many legs do spiders have?
Hoe many eyes do spiders have?
Where and how do they make their homes?
What do they like to eat?
What you they do if they saw a spider?

What happened in the cafeteria during lunch today? (hint: it was musical)

our days in pictures...

Letters and sounds so far: a,b,c,d,f,g,i,m,n,o,s,t,u
Passwords so far: I, the, look, on, is, at, me, am, for, you, come, see

We are practicing identifying letters, sounds, rhyming words (and the different skills involved in this), beginning sounds in words, sight words and handwriting. Our activities are designed to be developmentally appropriate and incorporate hands-on activities, movement, songs, teamwork, independent times, whole group, small groups, 1:1 times and lots of fun!

Here are some of our letter projects!

password memory

sight word detectives!




Science: fall happenings and life cycles

Leaf projects "cat"

Leaf projects

Ten Apples Up on Top: making combinations of ten, number writing, counting, cutting, coloring, gluing

Ten Apples Up on Top

Ten Apples Up on Top

Math: number recognition, 1:1 correspondence, fine motor

Math: number recognition, 1:1 correspondence, fine motor, counting accurately

number writing in shaving cream

shaving cream numbers

shaving cream numbers

shaving cream numbers

clay game- representing numbers in a variety of ways

spider counting for letter s and math!