Rocking it in K.

I am sure you've heard... we have been having a wonderful time exploring the amazing people and activities in our classroom and our school!

Each morning, we have a classroom morning meeting. It is a great way to start our day at school in a fun, engaging, active way. We begin by doing a greeting where we greet everyone in the room (even grown-ups). We have learned a few greetings already and will learn many more! Next, we have a share time. This isn't typically a time to share items but more a time to make connections and learn about each other. Next, we do an activity or energizer and finally read the daily message.

We noticed that many of our new friends had some of the same letters in their name that we had in ours! We also crated an art project of ourselves and shared something we like that has the same beginning letter as our name. We read a story about taking care of books and then practiced how to care for our classroom books.

We have been thinking about our hopes and dreams for kindergarten, This will naturally lead to use developing classroom expectations. If we want to do all of these amazing hopes and dreams we need to have expectations. 

During math we explored pattern blocks, rekenreks, unifix cubes, colored counting bears and geoboards. We have practiced counting games and next week we will begin our number study! During this time we focus on developing a deep understanding of number including different ways to represent each number, how to write them and what they represent.

We explored shaving cream, wikki sticks and salt trays. We use these tools to help us with numbers, letters, shapes and fine motor. 

Ms. Krueger came into to read us a wonderful book about belonging. She also already knows quite a few of our names! WOW! Next week we will start our FUNdations literacy learning. Each week we will introduce a letter (or letters) along with a picture and their corresponding letter sound and the handwriting formation to go with it. Next week will be an introduction and the letter Tt-top /t/.

Ask your child about...

~Bug in the Rug (name game)
~The Tooty Ta
~The days of the week song
~Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear (voice levels)
~Someone who sits at their table
~Miss Bri

Off to a great start!

What a wonderful beginning to our year! It has been a fun couple of weeks as we begin to learn what kindergarten is all about!

What we've been up to...

During our first week of school we have focused on learning about each other and our school community. We are practicing learning each other’s names and interests. In addition, we are learning routines and expectations (ex: how to be safe at school, navigate the huge playground and share the play kitchen). We are also singing, dancing and exploring new “tools” in our room. We have been busy!We are working on building our stamina for a full, busy day. We have a quiet time in the afternoon and have had children fall asleep. 

On Friday, we had a practice fire drill (with no noise from the alarm) and we will have more in the next coming weeks with the alarm.


I hope you are all having a fun summer! It has been wonderful to see some of our "grown up" kindergartners out and about recently and I think they have grown a few inches taller already! I am excited to meet our incoming kindergartners and know we will have a great year together! I can't wait to hear all about your summer adventures.