April 21

We are listening to, reading and writing poetry as we celebrate Poetry Month at BES. We are learning that there are many types of poetry and that some poems don't even rhyme! We have made our own poems about colors, earth day and spring and will share them with others on Friday as students and staff at BES will put a poem in a "pocket" to share with others.

We have been doing more science experiments and learning about weather including the importance of the sun and what makes makes thunder and lightning. Throughout our study of weather we are focusing on why we study weather, the relationship weather has on us and our whole earth and what we can do to be prepared for certain types of weather.



Ask your child about:
~How we used a balloon, a wool sock and a lightbulb to show electricity
~What happened to paper when we put some sunscreen on parts of it and left it in the sun
~How to stay safe during a thunderstorm
~To read the poem they made

Earth Day:
We can help our Earth! By doing things like reducing, reusing and recycling as well as saving water and electricity we can help keep our planet healthy! We also talked about composting, planting trees and flowers, using bicycles instead of cars or carpooling. We made Earth Day promises which are hanging proudly in our hall. We read books such as The Great Kapok Tree, a beautiful book about the Amazon rainforest and then used craypas and watercolor to make a picture of the beautiful rainforest.

Field Day:
Our annual BES Field Day will be June 20th with a rain date of June 21. Tracy Berube (our PE teacher) is looking for people who may want to volunteer that day. Please email her at tberube@bownet.org if you can help out.

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