As you may have heard, we have been conducting lots of fun weather-related experiments! Since spring has arrived (or has it?), we made a natural transition in our science focus from what NH animals are doing in winter to what they are doing now and how the weather changes. 

As the weather changes and migrating and hibernating animals join us once again, it is the perfect time to answer some big weather related questions. Why is the weather important? How do we dress for the types of weather? Why is the sun important? Does weather have patterns? What about extreme weather?

Right now we have focused on rain. We conducted an experiment where we replicated the process of rain using shaving cream, water and food coloring. We realized that a rain cloud becomes so full of water then it rains! 

In order to do this experiment we used some scientific words such as: materials, hypothesis, observation, water cycle and meteorologist. Here are some of the things scientists do...

1. Gather all the materials we need
2. Follow the how-to directions (nice tie in to our writing of how-to books!)
3. Adjust/change the directions as we learn more while actually doing the experiment
4. Make connections and share their observations
5. Are amazed!


Our class also listened to the sound of rain during some quiet time and noticed that rain can be fast or slow. Some classmates shared that the sound of the rain helped them feel calm. What a nice way to end a day...

We also listened to a real rain stick that Mrs. Margolis brought in to share and started making our own version of a rain stick. A huge thank you to families for sending in toilet paper and paper towel tubes for this project! 

We will also simulate rain in a bottle, the water cycle and finish making our rain sticks!

Here we are listening to the rain...

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