Math fun!

We continue to practice addition (within five) using a variety of items and symbols including the addition and equal sign! A classmate even realized that we can add all the types of weather from our daily weather graph together to see the total days we have charted this month. For example 🌞+ 🌧+ ❄+🌥=days we have graphed!

We also continue to play games, sing about, create, find and explore the names and attributes of solid shapes (cube, cone, sphere and cylinder). Thank you for sending in the 3D shapes you have found (or made) at home. We have quite a collection!

We are also practicing identifying the names and values of the penny, nickel and dime. This can be tricky but we are rocking it! Any practice at home would be great. 

Ask your child about:

1. ST Math on the iPads 
*What has been fun? 
*What was a challenge for you? 
*What did you do if you got "stuck?" (working on perseverance and problem solving)

2.Teen numbers:
*How do you know if a number is a teen number?
(hint: has two numbers, the first number is a one, it means ten and some more)
*Do all teen numbers have "teen" in them?

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