March 31

Happy Friday!

Here's what we have been up to...

Math:We continue to learn about addition concepts and strategies and are rocking it! We are playing games to help us solve number stories and addition equations. We even wrote our own equations using dominoes! In conjunction with the study of addition, kindergarteners also continue to practice and explore 3D solid shapes and coins (penny, nickel and dime). 

3D solid shape creations with toothpicks and marshmallows

Science: This week we learned more about the wind through short video clips, read alouds and really fun experiments using a fan! Did you know you can't see wind? Ask your child all about it! We made windsocks and went outside Friday to test them before the snow arrived! Children also demonstrated how wind works by using their breath to blow through a straw to make a paint design using primary colors although they didn't all stay primary colors as we ended up making some secondary colors!

Here were some observations after the windsock flight...

1. When you run fast the windsock goes higher!
2. If you run too fast the streamer or yarn might come off.
3. If you let go of the windsock when you are running it will fly on it's own!
4. Running is hard work!
5. It was fun!
6. I was happy!

Our thoughts about materials that might make windsocks stronger (we are a problem-solving group!!)...

super glue, staples to keep the strings on, nails, fabric, gorilla glue, cardboard, cloth, duct tape, rope, paper towel rolls, rubber, wool, laminate the paper first, real life kite material

Flying our windsocks

On your mark, get set, go!

Wind painting with primary colors, straws and our own wind...

Writing: We continue to make lots of creative how-to books. Children are practicing adding creative introductions and conclusions to keep our readers excited and interested!

Singing: The kindergarteners did a beautiful job singing at the Senior Citizen Lunch and it was obvious it was enjoyed all who attended! Thanks to Mrs. RIcciardi for making it happen.

Reading: You may have heard that my "sister" (faux twin/alter ego reading superhero sister) made an appearance. She happens to be a super reader and likes to fly in the building wearing a cape and mask. She mentioned that if classmates keep up all this amazing reading using their reading strategies and keep practicing their sight words she would let us borrow capes and masks to wear while we read!

I have been hearing a few discussions about some April Fool's tricks that are in the works for tomorrow so be aware!

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