Catching up!


Last week, even with delays we celebrated our 100th day of kindergarten and Friendship/Valentine's Day on Tuesday. It was a packed day and was VERY exciting. We shared our 100 day projects, which were so creative! Thank you for your support at home creating the projects and counting with your children. We also used teamwork and 100 plastic cups to build structures. In addition, we tried to see how many times we could toss a bean bag, write our name and do jumping jacks in 100 seconds. We made pictures of what we think we will look like when we are 100 years old and we wrote about what we may eat, do and where we will live. They will come home soon but they make me smile and are still hanging in our room!

We talked about what makes a good friend. Next, children were given the name of a friend and they had to write and draw about why they are a good friend. They projects are heart warming.

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