January 9

We had a very nice post vacation week! We did spend some time remembering and practicing the class rules we created as it can be tricky to remember after time off. We also shared lots of laughs, caught up on vacation adventures and of course, did some other kinds of learning!

We listened to a book called Squirrel's New Year Resolution about a squirrel who wanted to do great things! Next, we made a list of things we wanted to do in 2017. We also created a project of "us" wearing a new year hat and horn and wrote our resolution. We are writers and artists!

We did some more exploring with numbers 1-10 and are now focusing on composing (putting numbers together ex: 4 and 6 more is 10) and decomposing (breaking numbers into their parts ex: 10 is the same as 4 and 6) numbers 1-10. We will play lots of games and make different combinations of numbers to 10. This will help us with place value, addition, subtraction, understanding what teen numbers looks like and what they actually mean. For example, 13 looks like 1 and 3 but it means 10 and 3 more.

After reading some gingerbread stories by Jan Brett, we will continue an author study of her by reading and engaging in literacy activities with her books The Mitten and The HatJan Brett's website is a fun one to explore and has video clips, recipes, coloring pages and more.

During library time this week, we watched a video of Jan Brett drawing the gingerbread baby and we drew one too!

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