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Mrs. Margolis is trying an experiment! She has been researching, reading, talking with other professionals and using her knowledge about kindergartners and has, for sometime, been wanting to provide alternative seating for students in our class and now we have some!

We have been learning and reflecting on how we learn best and making choices that feel right to us. We are all different and our bodies, energy level, attention/focus, learning style and way we move are no exception. Alternative seating options, when presented and practiced with modeling and support, provide children seating options that will help support them not only physically but also in the other areas above. I feel that if a child needs to rock, bounce, stand up, sit in a chair, use a clipboard and lay on their belly and they are attentive and trying their best then great!

 Low sitting table

balls in milk crates

wobble chairs

standing table

As we try each seat out, we are reflecting. How does it feel? Am I a mover and shaker and more focused when I can wiggle or bounce? Do I like to sit at a low table closer to the ground? Do I love to stand so I can move my body as needed? Do I prefer a more traditional chair? 

I know these seem like big questions and thoughts for kindergarteners but as always, they are so capable! I am impressed by their ability to be honest and reflective. Naturally, some of us may prefer one type of seat but then (sometimes with adults asking open-ended questions) realize that there may be a choice that works better for our body at any given time. Some students have also mentioned certain days they prefer one seat to another and even certain times of the same day, they find one option better than others for themselves. Pretty incredible!

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