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During reading centers, we continue to play games and create projects that focus on letters, sounds, rhyming, beginning sounds, passwords, reading pictures and words and writing. It continues to be a fun and busy time in our classroom. I am working with small groups of children during this time for guided reading that focuses on more targeted lessons. 

We are also almost done introducing all of our letters and sounds! Next week will be letters z and q and then we will move on to making words with Echo.  

During Writer's Workshop we are working on making our writing and illustrations the best they can be! Lessons have been focusing on a variety of topics such as stretching out words, revising, adding speech bubbles and making sure we have the who, what, and where in all of our books. 

During math, we continue to introduce numbers and will explore number ten next week. As part of our number focus, we are finding items to add to our growing number collection and are also exploring making combinations of numbers. For example, did you know that 5 and 4 more is 9 and also 6 and 3 more is 9!! We use many manipulative to "prove" it! 

making gingerbread cookie combinations of 8

We continue to play number sense and identification games like musical numbers (like musical chairs but with numbers all over the floor, when the music stops you need to find a number and tell us what it is), oral counting games to 100 and many more. We've also been practicing 1:1 correspondence and accurate counting skills with games such as gingerbread roll where students roll a dice and add that many buttons to a gingerbread man.

Patterns and team work!

During science, we continue to use our scientific brains to plan and conduct experiments to test. After the unfortunate gingerbread cookie experiment, we have come up with some other ways to allow the Gingerbread Mand or Girl to cross the river so they don't dissolve or get eaten by a fox!

When asked to come up with and design ways to help that gingerbread here's what was shared:
*Build a wooden bridge
*Use and alien spaceship and fly to the other side
*Make a boat
*Build a rock bridge
*Find a good canoe
*Find a bridge that is safe and use that
*Use a bridge made of strong hair
*Make a train track that will cross the river (someone would have to stand in the water and hold the track)

We will plan, design and try making bridges and boats and see how we do. I don't have many connections to aliens so we may need to wait on that one (smile).


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