December 5

First official snowy day to organize all this gear...a work in progress!

"What goes on first? Boots then snowpants?"
"Where did my mitten go?"
"Whose snowpants are these?"
"Why do I have two different boots?"
"Can we eat the snow?"
"Can I bring some snow home?"
"Who knows how to zip coats?"
"I don't have snow pants I only have ski pants!"

A little gingerbread science! 

What do you predict would happen if the Gingerbread Man cookie fell into the river?

*It would sink
*It would float
*It would swim
*It would run away
*It would break
*It would crumble like cookies in milk

 And it's in the water....


Smiling (that's part of the scientific process, right?)


Trying to wait some more... 

Soggy, broken, yellow water, puffy, larger, tiny pieces

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