Rock the vote!

Wow! I was so impressed by the number of people who are already out voting at BMS this morning!

Yesterday, we watched an ebook called Duck for President. Next, our class drew and wrote about what they would do if they were President. Students also went into our classroom voting booth and voted about who they felt would be the best choice for president (Duck or Farmer Brown). After voting, each child got an "I voted sticker."

In the end, Duck won the vote 18-2 over Farmer Brown. 

We discussed that based on the results of our class poll, some people may be excited or happy because the person they voted for won and others may feel sad or disappointed that the person (or animal) they wanted to win didn't. We learned that it is important to vote for who you think is the best choice and it may not be the same as your friend. That is okay! We can all still be friends!

Here are a few plans from our class.

If I was president I would...

drive Air Force One over the world to see how everyone was doing.
give people food.
take care of people.
take care of animals.
help people.
help stop bad guys.
keep people safe. 

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