November 4

This week we practiced the letters Rr (rat) /r/ and Ee (Ed) /e/ . We made name rockets, rainbow R's and the cutest elephants!

 Mrs. Ruest, Our REACH coordinator, came in to read a ladybug book and then we did a science experiment with ice and water and floating playdoh!

In honor of the letter E, we conducted an three day eggsperiment! On the first day we placed raw eggs in mason jars and added vinegar. First we observed the egg and vinegar using our senses and drew and accurate picture of what we saw.

One day two, we noticed that the egg looked larger, was light yellow, had a crack and was floating! We drew our scientific observations!

On day three, the eggs were large, seemed to have no shell and were jiggly. We touched them and wrote observations!

During writing time this week in addition to our regular lessons, we wrote recipes about how to make a turkey. I hope you have a chance to see them hanging in our hall during conferences. I'll make sure to get them home to you before the Thanksgiving break. For now, the visitors and staff members at BES are thoroughly enjoying them!

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