September 30

Quotes from this week:

"My Dada is a really good fixer! He just fixes! He fixed a shelf!"

Mrs. Brewster: "What town do you live in?"
Student: "The USA!"

"I think we should just all be kind to each other even when it is hard."

"If you want to stay healthy you should eat healthy foods. Sometimes I just don't want to eat all the healthy things. Sometimes, I want to eat cookies and cake and ice cream and chips. Sometimes, is that okay? Just sometimes?"

We are readers:
This week we Echo taught us the letters, sounds and letter formation for Mm (man) /m/ and Nn (nut) /n/. We realized that if we could make a lowercase n then we could make a lowercase m. We made the letter m out of macaroni which helps with letter formation, fine motor skills, how much glue to use, and beginning sounds. We also made the letter n look like night time!

We read the book A my name is Alice and made art projects of us using the beginning letter of our name and something that starts with it. We are a creative bunch!

I continue to encourage your child to practice their sight words (passwords) at home everyday. Feel free to make it fun! Some families tape passwords outside different room in their home and say them as they enter and exit the room. One family wrote passwords on paper plates, taped the plate to their slider and had their child throw a soft ball at them and say the words as they hit them with the ball. We are finding letters and passwords everywhere even in our morning message!

We are writers:
This week we officially started Writer's Workshop! We learned that the authors who wrote some of the books we have been reading are like us and that children can be authors too! 

We start each Writer's Workshop session with a short lesson, then children are off to write. During workshop, I conference with students and help support them as writers. We have a mid-workshop teaching point and then we all share (in various formats) at the end of workshop. At the beginning of the year, some of the lessons focus on drawing people using shapes, what part of the paper we use for pictures and what part is for letters and words. 

After our first session, we noticed that we all put something on our paper! We decided that since we are writers now, we wanted to come up with a writing team name. After lots of deliberation and voting (hard concept as many children "voted" for all the names) we are now called the SUPER WRITERS!

We are mathematicians:
We continue to practice identifying, cutting, painting, drawing and finding 2D shapes (circle, triangle, square, rectangle and hexagon). We read If I Built a House about a boy who has big dreams of building an amazing house with lots of creative rooms. Next, we used shapes to design our own dream home. 

We also used geoboards and rubber bands to form certain shapes. We talk about and explore specific attributes of each shape. As the year goes on we will also identify and describe 3D shapes (sphere, cone, cube, cylinder) using attributes. 

Ask your child:
1. to sing Ms. Fleury's Matt Man song
2. what is in the sensory table now
3. about the friendship bench assembly and the first friendship bench in New      Hampshire
4. about their perfect square project
5. to name one friend they have in our class

A little smile for you:

...and a little silly!

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