October 6

Happy October!

Letters and Passwords:
This week we learned the letters and sounds for Uu up /u/ and Ii itch /i/. We made umbrellas using coffee filters, diluted food coloring and eyedroppers. They are beautiful! We also created some inchworms for the letter i! Of course, we practiced writing the letters in a variety of ways (sand trays, shaving cream, sky writing and with markers and pencils) and finding letters everywhere!

Our passwords were at and is. We cheered for them, said them in a tiny baby bear voice and large papa bear voice. We also wrote them using bumpy writing grids and sang password songs.

We went out to explore fall happenings at BES. We collected many leaves and noticed they are different shapes, sizes and colors! We will use them and your donated pumpkins for some upcoming projects. THANK YOU!

We are learning different ways to keep healthy. Here are some things that have come up in our classroom so far:
1. Cough into your elbow not on friends or anywhere else if you can help it.
2. Tissues are for noses. Fingers and mouths are not for noses.
3. Washing your hands well is really important.

New Greeting:
We learned a new greeting called the shoe greeting. Ask your child about it!

We continue to explore 2D and 3D shapes. We also introduced the number one. We wrote it, found one of something, made it on a rekenrek, identified it on a ten frame and played a number one dice roll game. 

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