October 28

What a fun week! 

We are readers and writers:
We learned the letters and sounds for Dd dog /d/ and Ss snake /s/. Children created amazing, creative dot dinosaurs and we spent some time talking about their similarities and differences. Which naturally led to another conversation about how we are all unique, special, creative and awesome!

We played lots of games such as password BOOM, a uppercase and lowercase letter matching game using real pumpkin seeds, connect 4 for the number 4, and letter writing practice using wikki sticks!

We also made dotted D's with paint and fun textured snakes. Did you hear that we had a live creature that starts with an s visit our room?


We are scientists and mathematicians!
We read Pumpkin Time and made representations of the pumpkin life cycle.

Thanks to those who donated pumpkins, we were able to observe pumpkins using our senses and draw pictures of what we noticed. So far our classes' favorite experiments were putting the pumpkins in water to see if they sink or float and using a real scale to figure out the weight. Naturally, we all had to figure out our own weight on the scale. It did not say 40 or 50 pounds like many of our classmates! Next week we will open those pumpkins up, count seeds and practice moving items when we count so we don't count them again.

Here are some observations:
~Pumpkins come in different sizes 
~We can measure with nonstandard tools such as unifix cubes
~Pumpkins can be different shapes
~Pumpkins can be different colors
~Pumpkins can weigh different amounts
~Pumpkins float (even a huge one)
~Pumpkins have different textures

What to do on a rainy inside recess day? Dance, play and make transient art:

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