Bow Fire Department!

Today we were lucky enough to have members of the Bow Fire Department come to our school! We talked about fire safety and had a chance to explore a fire engine and all its tools as well as sit in an ambulance!

Members of the Bow Fire Department also gave us each a coloring book, sticker and firefighter hat!


Some topics of discussion and curiosity were:
1. 911 and when to use it
2. How to stop, drop and roll if your clothes have fire on them
3. To get out of a burning building and not go back
4. Not bringing things out with us. We can always buy a new toy but not a new you!
5. What about our pets? (Firefighters go in to look for them if it is safe!)
6. Make sure you and your family have an agreed upon meeting spot in case you need to leave your home (a tree away from the house etc.)

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