September 23

Just some of the things we have done this week:

Picture day, sharing, fire drill with the alarm, passwords, recess, letters, legos, sounds and projects for t, b & f, patterns, shapes, teal tissue paper "t's", greetings, playdoh shapes, team work, lunch in the cafeteria, creativity, shake your sillies out, color words, free choice, scissor practice, feather "f's", problem solving, calendar, holding a pencil, reading the pictures, simon says, making class rules, a new season, reading the words, trying our personal best, read to self, buddy reading, freeze chime game, handwriting, an owl flying through our room (Echo!), caring, laughter...

Ask your child:
How many vertices does a triangle have?
About Mrs. Margolis reading The Book With No Pictures
What is in the sensory table?
What are the passwords for the week? Where did we find them?

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