Sept. 16th

A few quotes from our class:

"It's okay, sometimes we all have accidents. I may even have one tomorrow!"

Talking to me during a read aloud...
"Wow! Your nails are really long. You need to cut them!"  Followed by another child..."Maybe you should just paint them a really pretty color." Followed by a discussion of what colors are our favorite. 

"Owls sleep a lot in the day and are awake at night. It's called hibernating."

To me...
 "Maybe we could have a playdate at your house or you could come over to my house and snuggle my chinchilla. Yeah, we need to make that happen."

We are readers!
During reading time, we are learning one of three ways to read a book (read the pictures). We are a class who loves books! We read the pictures in the book Good Night Gorilla as a class and then tried reading the pictures in different books.

We also met Echo, the Owl! She helps us learn letters, sounds and handwriting. She introduced us to the letters, picture and sound for Tt (top) /t/. Students used their creativity and decorated teal T's with tissue paper and they are hanging proudly in our classroom. What fun!

We are mathematicians!
We are learning about shapes! We introduced the circle, went on hunts for circles in our school, cut, decorated and traced circles. Ask your child what happened when we used water colors during math...

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