Our first week!

Our first week was filled with fun, a few tears, new adventures and many smiles! 

We let our natural curiosity shine while we explored our classroom, school and playground. We enjoyed free choice toys including the dollhouse, kitchen, wooden blocks and legos! We also discovered math manipulatives such as counting bears, unifix cubes and pattern blocks. 

We did a little experiment where we all talked at the same time to see what would happen. Our class learned that it got loud and it was hard to hear each other. As we were trying to figure out what to do about this problem, a classmate suggested that if we took turns talking that might work better so we tried it. Next, we realized we all wanted a turn at the same time!! We went back to our brainstorming and are now thinking that raising our hands is the way to go although, being patient can be so tricky. We'll keep working on it :)

It seems that our class LOVES books and being read to which is so exciting! 

*Please check red folders each day and put any notes or lunch money in the red folder
*Library/Guidance will be on Mondays (once a month it will be Guidance instead of Library)
*Please pack an extra set of clothes just in case
*Please know my door is always open!

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